You are purchasing a pre-order of the Standard Edition of For Glory: The Game of Gladiatorial Combat and Deck Building. This game was succesfully Kickstarted on March 4, 2020 and is currently in production. Anticipated delivery date is December 2020. 

The Standard Edition has punch board tokens, linen finish cards, and standard finish player boards. It is the complete game priced so as many people as possible can enjoy For Glory. It includes:


  • 2 Player Boards (Standard Finish)
  • 1 Crowd's Favor Helmet Token (Punch Board)
  • 2 Reigning Champion Sword Tokens (Punch Board)
  • 24 Coin Tokens (Punch Board)
  • 201 Cards (Linen Finish)
  • 24 Damage Tokens (Wood)
  • 13 Glory Tokens (Plastic)
  • 1 Rule Book
  • 1 Custom Game Tray Organizer

For Glory - Standard Edition (Pre-Order)


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