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When a Gladiator attacks an opponent is that Gladiator exhausted until I pay it its card coin cost again?

Once a card is in your deck, you never pay its coin cost again.

Once all Gladiators in the arena (both players' Gladiators) are exhausted, players continue taking combat turns until both players pass in a row (you can still play tactics), then all Gladiators ready, you re-determine initiative, and continue the battle.

Patrons and Arenas can also become exhausted (Arenas that you win that have abilities that require you to exhaust them). You ready your Patrons and Arenas at the beginning of each of your Machinations turns, but never during the Arena Phase.


Veles: How does this card’s Reaction work?

When Veles enters an arena during either phase (Machinations or Arena), his Reaction deals 1 damage to a target Gladiator, which opens a Reaction window. Reactions work the same in both phases (Machinations or Arena). If the triggering effect (the "when" clause) of a Reaction happens, you can play that Reaction. So if Veles enters an arena during the Machinations Phase, the damage is dealt right then and there, and the damage could be prevented or reassigned by a Reaction. If the damaged Gladiator is defeated, it is placed in its owner's discard pile right away, and that player gets a coin token because of the "insurance" rule.

Does Hoplomachus’ ability stop players from being able to play Samnite as a tactic?

The crucial rule here is that cards and abilities that are used in the active arena may only affect the active arena (see Active Arena, pg. 19). So Hoplomachus doesn't affect Samnite until Samnite has already entered the arena. In other words, you may still play Samnite from your hand as a tactic into an arena where Hoplomachus is exhausted.

Can Schemes be played in the Arena Phase?


No. Schemes can only be played during the Machinations Phase. Your player board reminds you which types of card can be played at any given time with card type icons printed at each step.


Can Gladiators be late registered at any time during the Arena Phase, or only during late registration, until both players pass?


Gladiators can only be late registered during late registration. Once both players pass, you can no longer late register this round.


Can Patrons that are in hand during the Arena Phase be played?


No. Your player board reminds you which cards can be played at any given time with card type icons printed at each step. If you want to use a tactic or a Reaction in the text box of a Patron during the Arena Phase, that Patron must already be in your Villa.


Can Income cards be used for tasks in the Arena Phase, such as to pay for removing cards from the reserve, or for other costs printed on cards?

Yes. Income cards and Coin Tokens can always be used interchangeably whenever you need to spend Coin on anything.


Is there a difference between “assign damage” and “deal damage?”


To "deal" damage means to go through the entire process of:

1. Assign Damage

2. Reaction Window

3. Resolve Damage

This is explained in more detail in the Damage section on page 15 of the rule book.


Can you have multiple copies of the same Patron (e.g. Quaestor’s Wife)? If so, do their abilities stack?

Yes and yes.

When I lose Influence during a battle because a Patron becomes exhausted, do I immediately lose a Gladiator?

If the total Influence granted by your Patrons falls below the total combined Influence cost of your Gladiators, you immediately must choose a Gladiator from an arena and move it to your discard pile. You get one Coin Token when this happens. If currently fighting in the Lasting Glory Arena, you must lose a Gladiator in the Lasting Glory Arena.

Until End of Battle: What does this mean?


 The Arena Phase has 2 battles. Each battle takes place in only one Arena. Until End of Battle refers only until the end of the battle in the current Arena.


Verus: When my Verus attacks, if my opponent doesn’t have any ready Patrons, do I have to exhaust my own Patron?

Yes. You must choose a target, since Verus’ Reaction does not use the word, “may.” Also, you can’t exhaust a Patron that is already exhausted.


Pompeii Spectacula, Murmillo, Cestus/Andabata: If Cestus/Andabata is exhausted, does the copied Murmillo effect refer to Cestus/Andabata or Murmillo? Would Cestus/Andabata prevent damage to itself?

When a card's text box includes that card's name, it refers only to that one instance of the card, and not to other cards with the same name. When a card refers to a card or cards "named" or "not named" something, it refers to all cards with that name, or all cards without that name, respectively.

In this example, the text ability that Cestus gains from Murmillo would read: "While this card is exhausted, it gains: Reaction: When damage is assigned to a Gladiator you own not named Murmillo, prevent 1 of that damage."

So no matter how many cards have this ability, any cards named Murmillo are not protected.

While Cestus is exhausted, he prevents 1 damage to each Gladiator not named Murmillo, including himself. If Murmillo is also exhausted, he also prevents 1 damage to each Gladiator not named Murmillo. In this case, every Gladiator you own not named Murmillo would have 2 damage prevented, and Murmillo would have zero damage prevented.


Dimachaerus - If you also have an ability or tactic that says your Gladiators gain +1 Attack, does Dimachaerus deal 2 damage to all opposing Gladiators?


No. When Dimachaerus attacks, he first deals one damage to each opposing Gladiator as a Reaction to his attack, then deals Attack Damage to a single Gladiator, which is usually 0. If he has +1 Attack, he would deal 1 Attack Damage to a single Gladiator after his Reaction resolves. +1 Attack only affects Attack Damage, and does not affect his Reaction.


At the end of the Arena Phase when you refill your hand to 7, if you picked up your reserve but didn’t use your cards, can you go into the Machinations Phase with more than 7 cards?

Yes. You don’t discard cards at the end of the Arena Phase, and there is no maximum hand size. You only draw cards up to 7 if you have fewer than 7 cards in hand at the end of the Arena Phase.


How do you exhaust a Fleeting Glory Arena when you have its ability?

Simply turn it sideways to show that it is exhausted, without moving it to a new location on the table.


One of the patrons lowers the costs of certain cards. Can the cost of a card be reduced to zero?


Yes, but it cannot be negative.


Is there a limit to how many cards can be in your Villa?



If I move damage which is already on a Gladiator to another Gladiator, does this open a Reaction window?

Yes. It works just like dealing damage.


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